Vogels VFWE552RC Trimotor Motorized Turn and Tilt Wall Support up to 65''

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The TriMotor™ features an electronic multi-directional movement (turn, tilt and movement forward) and is compatible with medium to large screens (37”-65” up to 43 kg). Designed for universal use (VESA compatible)

The TriMotor™ is equipped with three motors, as the name suggests. It assures a remote-controlled movement forwards, backwards, tilted 15 degrees and turned 20 degrees to the left and to the right. It also comes with an auto home function button on the remote control and an automatic built-in ScreenProtection System to avoid damage to the screen and/or the wall.

  • Max. VESA: 820x515mm
  • Tilt: 20 degrees
  • Turn: 40 degrees
  • Minimum distance to the wall (mm): 76 mm
  • Max. weight: 43 kg


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