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DigitMXDigitMX DMX-AVEXT AV Extender over CAT5

Order Code: 18061

Type: 3RCATransmission: Single CAT6Distance: 300m

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This extender kit allows you to extend a composite video signal and a stereo audio signal via a Cat5 or Cat6 LAN network cable. Simply plug in your standard composite video cable (usually yellow) and stereo audio cables (usually red and white) between your devices and one of the two extender boxes. The extender box then converts the signals and sends them along the Cat5 / Cat6 network cable to the other extender box, where once again you can simply plug in your standard composite video and stereo audio cables between the extender box and your equipment.

Front: 3 RCAs (Red, White, Yellow)
Rear: Cat5/Cat6 LAN Socket (RJ45)

Approx Distance Capabilties
Audio and Video: up to 300m (total length, device to device)

Kit Includes
1 x Extender Box which converts Composite Video and Stereo Audio to Cat5/6
1 x Extender Box which converts Cat5/6 to Composite Video and Stereo Audio 

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